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There are a total of 41,205 Buddhist temples ) in Thailand since last update. This is confirmed, of which 33,902 are in current use, according to the Office of National Buddhism.
Of the 33,902 active temples, 31,890 are of the Maha Nikaya and 1,987 are of the Dhammayuttika Nikaya orders of the Theravada school, while 12 are of the Chinese Nikaya and 13 are of the Anam Nikaya orders of the Mahayana school. Two hundred and seventy-two temples, 217 of the Maha Nikaya order and 55 of the Dhammayut order, hold the status of royal temple. Royal wisungkhamasima (Pali: visuṃ gāmasīmā), official recognition of a temple’s legitimacy, has been granted to 20,281 temples.

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